Steve Harvey MD

Dr. Steven Harvey, MD

Medical Director

After graduating medical school at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis, Dr. Steven Harvey, MD completed residency training in psychiatry, also at Washington University and at Barnes Hospital. Dr Harvey was involved in research and was first author for peer-reviewed research articles in publications including Biological Psychiatry and the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry. After devoting himself to clinical practice, Dr Harvey has maintained a relationship with Washington University, where he served on the executive council for the medical center's alumni committee, and he also continues to teach and to be on the adjunct faculty.

Doctor Harvey is board certified in general psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and has extensive experience across the diagnostic spectrum. Dr Harvey is an experienced speaker at events, and also performs expert witness work for legal cases. Awards and honors include being named a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and the Sandoz Award for research. Dr Harvey was named one of America's Best Doctors.

Doctor Harvey is originally from Rolla Missouri, and has made the Saint Louis area his home. He and his wife have two kids. His hobbies and interests include paleontology and electric vehicles.

Melissa Arnold Westerfield

Melissa Westerfield

Coordinator of TMS Services

Melissa went to Sanford Brown College for Medical assisting. After years of working for a surgical practice, Melissa accepted a job at TMS St. Louis in 2013, and was certifiied as a deep TMS technician.

Melissa believes that Brainsway Deep TMS is the next up and coming technology that will have a major impact on the future of depression treatment. She looks forward to watching patients who have been suffering for years, improve before her eyes.

In her free time, she enjoys playing outside with her two kids, and having Sunday dinners with the whole family. She also loves country music, and hunting with her husband. Melissa is the kind of person who will go above and beyond to make people smile!

Jillina Link

Jillian Link

Neuromodulation Technologist

Jillian graduated from Maryville University in 2010, majoring in Psychology and Graphic Design. For Jillian, depression has always been of great interest, and the best part about working at TMS St. Louis is getting to see the smiles return to patients’ faces. In her spare time, she enjoys swing dancing, circus arts, playing hockey (Let’s go Blues!), and getting ice cream with her dog or bestie after a hike. She also has an slight addiction to Candy Crush.

Brooke Jones

Brooke Jones

Neuromodulation Technologist

Brooke is a certified neuromodulation technician with previous experience in the psychiatry field. After seeing people she knows suffer from depression, she is glad to be working with TMS and helping people improve their lives. In her spare time, Brooke enjoys watching her boys play sports.

Joan Cocos

Joan Cocos

Outreach and education specialist

Joan graduated from the School of Nursing at Maryville University, and has worked as an RN in psychiatry for more than 20 years. She is also a certified neuromodulation technician. In her spare time, Joan enjoys cooking, being on a beach, and spending time with friends.

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