Young Depression Patient

I have so much more energy, I have motivation to do things - like hobbies of mine I haven't done in forever. It has seriously changed everything! Clarissa


Male Depression Patient

I was a different person 6 or 7 months ago. I was really struggling and suicidal. But it appears that TMS really did profoundly help me. Eric


Female Depression Patient

People will see me, and know that there is an answer, there's a solution. What medication and therapy couldn't do for me alone, Deep TMS did. Michelle


Severe Depression Patient

I enjoyed life for a change - sunshine, my wife's smile. I would recommened deep TMS treatment to anybody suffering from depression. Because I think it gives your life back. Jason


Senior Depression Patient

I was highly skeptical and didn't really believe that something that seems so simple and non invasive, could really work. Barbara


Middle Aged Depression Patient

As the sessions went on, I started feeling more energy, so I knew I was getting back to my normal self. I was smiling more, even when I went in for my sessions. Angelique


Depression Patient

The first couple of treatments I felt a subtle change, I feel different - my cognitive abilities, I go to work, I drive , I can read a book. Deep TMS I think will help, and its gonna have a huge impact in people's lives. Shawn


Severe Depression Patient

Deep TMS has been something that lifts my spirit. Now I have energy to attend to the things I want to attend to. Be it my home business, playing with my dog, socializing with my friends, or going dancing! Deep TMS has been a miracle for me. Elizabeth


Middle Aged Depression Patient

The first time I could tell a difference was a week. My mom asked me me how was my treatment, and I said "Mom I can already tell a difference". And she said, "So can I". Ronda